Tree Trimming/Pruning

106397668Common reasons for pruning include dead, dying, diseased or hazardous branches. A professional Arborist can provide you with recommendations on how to prune your trees depending on species, location, age, growth rate and the condition of your trees. Most pruning can be done throughout the year with minimal adverse effect on the health of the tree. A properly pruned tree will stay healthier, improve the appearance and reduce failure in storms. Pruning service can include raising, thinning, center pruning, removal of large dead wood, demossing and improving the appearance of your trees.

Tree Removal

Sometimes a tree’s problems are so advanced that it needs to be removed. Removal is necessary when a tree is dead, hazardous, crowding, causing harm to surrounding trees or is being replaced for a more desirable tree. A Better Cut Greg’s Tree Service can help determine if tree removal is necessary. We use proper equipment and techniques to safely remove trees. Our trained staff can safely remove a tree and grind the stump below ground level. Once the tree is removed, we haul off the debris — leaving your property clean.
Be sure to call an insured professional when contracting for tree removal.

Insurance Claim Specialists, Hazardous Tree Specialists 24-Hour Emergency Service, Storm/ Wind Damage Specialists.

3Other Services:

  • Tree Trimming & Ornamental
  • Pruning
  • Tree Cabling
  • Shaping
  • Dangerous Tree Removal
  • Root Pruning
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
  • Preventive Storm Pruning
  • Land Clearing
  • Lot Clearing
  • Exotics Removal
  • Wood Chips


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